Teeth Whitening – Central City Auckland CBD

The demand for bright white smiles has entered societal consciousness with a vengeance; it is now the most requested cosmetic procedure of dentists. Tooth discolouration happens to all of us, but now there are solutions to bring your teeth back to their former, whiter selves.


The science behind professional teeth whitening is well researched and the options offered by dentists in NZ are safe and scientifically proven. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your smile and it is Dr Tiang’s expert opinion that if you want to do anything to enhance the appearance of your teeth, you should begin with whitening.

As with all cosmetic procedures, the final result is often in the experience of the clinician. Today there are many options for whitening treatments, do your homework and make sure your treatment is performed by a registered dental professional.

In Office Whitening
also known as “In-Chair whitening”, “Power whitening”, and “Laser whitening”.

If you are looking to quickly and conveniently whiten your teeth, your solution is an appointment with Dr Tiang. After an assessment for your suitability, in just one quick visit, you can enjoy a smile that is shades whiter using innovative treatments, such as Zoom Teeth Whitening and BriteSmile. Without any messy teeth whitening trays, gels, or strips, a professional teeth whitening treatment is the easiest way to achieve a beautiful, Hollywood smile – and it can often be done in one appointment during your lunch break!

Take Home Whitening
is where impressions are taken of your teeth and a thin custom made plastic tray is made which you take home add whitening gel and wear. This option can be advised for some cases where chair whitening will be too intense or gradual whitening will work better. The key to home teeth whitening treatments is that you must diligently apply the product over a course of several weeks or months to obtain the maximum desired result.


  • Price, its cheaper than in the chair whitening
  • As the result is obtained slowly, you can stop treatment at the desired whiteness so there is no chance of going “too white”
  • Less chance of causing your teeth to become sensitive compared to In Chair Whitening


  • Requires diligence to continue treatment daily as instructed
  • Time consuming
  • The time required to achieve desired results is far longer than having the procedure performed by a cosmetic dentistry professional
  • There are limitations on what you can and cannot do especially when it comes to eating which apply for the entire duration of the whitening i.e. You may possibly not be able to have red wine for an entire two weeks!
Maintaining Your New Bright, White Smile

Even the best of the best tooth whitening systems available can’t change one thing – your teeth will darken as you age. It is a natural process and even teeth which have been whitened will gradually darken over time. This is why we emphasize on the maintenance of your new white smile. We do not offer cheap, one-off whitening as we believe that if our patients go through the process of whitening their teeth then they should keep their white teeth for many years.

The most important aspect of maintaining your whitening result is regular maintenance treatments. These are done at home using whitening trays and whitening maintenance gel. All our treatments include these and you will just need to buy more gel if when you run out. Depending on factors like your diet and whether you smoke, patients should be looking to do a whitening maintenance approximately one 2 hour session per month. One overnight session per month works very well too.

Additionally, if you want extra help in maintaining your whitening result then some whitening toothpastes may be helpful. In our opinion these toothpastes do not provide a big enough change to say they whiten teeth but if used after professional whitening in addition to maintenance whitening, they may help keep things whiter for longer.

Also, if ever you were looking for a good reason to quit smoking then you should do it so your teeth don’t look so black! Aside from the well-known health effects of cigarette smoking, the nicotine and tar in the smoke tenaciously adheres to the teeth causing unsightly stains which can only be removed by a dental professional. Professionally whitening your teeth and continuing to smoke means your bright white smile could disappear in a matter of weeks. As if smokes were a big enough waste of money!