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Reasons for having your teeth straightened are as individual as the treatment available. It can be to fix the bad bite which is damaging your teeth, or to even the teeth out so you can clean them properly, or purely for cosmetic reasons. Maybe you are self conscious about that ‘fang’ which sticks out or maybe it just bugs you how those two front teeth cross over slightly.

When people think of Orthodontics the first thing they think of is braces. Dr Tiang understands that having metal railway tracks in your mouth is not always practical in today’s environment, especially for people dealing with clients and the public day-to-day. Luckily at the cutting edge of dental technology are several innovations which can make your orthodontic treatment as barely noticeable as possible. Read on to find out what is available to straighten your teeth without looking like Ugly Betty or that guy from the James Bond movies.

Orthodontics in New Zealand & Teeth Straightening with Invisalign

The specialty of orthodontics in New Zealand, orthodontics is a recognized specialty field for teeth straightening within dentistry. This means there are qualified specialists available known as orthodontists. Orthodontists have a qualification recognized by the Dental Council of NZ (usually a Doctorate or Masters degree in Orthodontics) which allows them to use this title. Specialist orthodontists are limited to orthodontics only and are not able to practice general dentistry. However, as with all the other specialist fields in dentistry, general dental practitioners can provide orthodontic services provided they have the appropriate training.

Teeth Straightening Before & After

Teeth Straightening
Before & After

Dr Tiang’s philosophy for practicing orthodontics dictates that he will only provide teeth straightening treatment to those cases which have problems appropriate to his own level of skill, training and experience. Those cases he assesses as beyond this level will be advised to seek treatment from a specialist orthodontist. Dr Tiang is not a specialist orthodontist but this can be a real advantage as by drawing on experience in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, Dr Tiang is able to provide a very balanced approach to correcting the problem of misaligned teeth and provide options utilizing advanced technology and techniques from many different disciplines within dentistry. There is a saying which goes along the lines of “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Seeing Dr Tiang gives you access to the full garden shed of tools. Here is our home page Dentist Auckland CBD

Clear, Invisible Braces

Clear, Invisible Braces

A search for Orthodontics Auckland CBD may have brought you here, in which case invisalign is a virtually invisible teeth straightening technique using a series of custom moulded, clear “Aligners” which have been precision computer designed and manufactured in sequence to gradually shift crooked teeth into place. Because the aligners are made of a clear material, they can often be virtually undetectable to those around you. We have had patients straighten their teeth without any of their colleagues even realizing it was happening. Dr Tiang has been accredited as an Invisalign Platinum provider; recognition of his high degree of experience in this technique. Talk to him today about if Invisalign is right for you.