Composite Fillings


Composite Fillings were created as an alternative to traditional metal fillings. Dentists can choose from a selection of natural tooth colours which are made of plastic dental resin. These types of fillings are, durable and are much more natural looking than amalgam fillings.

Many people still have amalgam fillings (silver). These fillings contain mercury which was said to be poisonous to the body as well as the environment. The amounts of mercury in the fillings however are theoretically not significant enough to be a real threat but amalgam fillings are generally not as advantageous as composite fillings because they demand more aggressive drilling and tooth removal leading to weakening of the tooth, and can be susceptible to corrosion.

Can you believe that only 30 years ago, dentists used to think that the bigger the hole they drilled (even for a small bit of decay) the better it was for the health of your tooth? Of course now they realise that they were wrong and have gone in the other direction, making fillings as small as they possibly can, catching the decay as early as possible and minimising the amount of drilling done. However, there is a generation of people who had this aggressive dental treatment and now have large, black amalgam fillings in almost all of their back teeth. Is this you?

There are only very few people who manage to avoid having a cavity. There have been lots of advances in modern dentistry that make this process much more comfortable and use materials that are safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a cavity in a tooth or broken fillings or if your teeth are full of mercury/ amalgam fillings you may want to ask Dr Tiang about changing to composite dental fillings.


  • Mercury fillings or amalgam fillings can easily be removed and replaced with far more attractive coloured fillings that actually look like part of your tooth rather than a black hole
  • If done properly in the right situation will last as well as anything else available for repairing teeth
  • You can’t seem them, no one knows you have any fillings
  • In most instances, you can eat on the filling straight away


  • Composite fillings are much more technique sensitive than metal filling so it is very important to find a dentist who has a careful and exacting technique to maximise the life of the filling you are receiving
  • Not recommended to be used in situations where the strength of a tooth is already compromised